Sunday, November 3, 2013

With Art - I Go CRAZY

My mom let me watch youtube videos on how to draw sweet faces. After watching a few of them this weekend. I tried to do it myself - here are the pictures:

My Lady Bug Queen

Fly Away

Mommy and Me and Our Dog
Sleeping Beauty inspired by all Princesses and sleeping is what I am going to do later.
Night Night


  1. Taylor-Anh:

    Your art work is very good. My mother is an artist and has been sketching and painting for almost eighty years now. She started out like you have with her own sense of how to approach her art, learning from books and later videos, and from being around other artists.

    You make a very important point about the art of being an artist. It is not about how others think your art should look, it is about how you think it should look.

    You already have your own unique style and that will only grow and become more prominent in your work, and as you learn and experiment.

    It looks like you have so much fun. Good luck with your craft.......


  2. I love your blog. When I read it I almost went crazy. I couldn't believe it.

    here's a tip: putting videos on your blog will make your blog more intristing. I will try to visit it more often. please write back ! see you tomorrow!

    1. Thank you reading my blog Elena and you are right, videos would be fun. I will work on it.