Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Beautiful ESPANA

I am learning about Spain in School and in Spanish and would love to visit one day.

Informacion General 
Espana is localizado in the western part of Europe. 
The capital of  Espana is " Madrid".
The colors of the flag are rojo y amarillo (red and yellow).
Yo aprendi que "EURO" means money - I learned that "Euro''means money. 
Uno/one more color I forgot to mention is blanco/white. 
Yo aprendi que Norte, Sur, Este, y Oeste (North, South, East, and West). 
Francia/France is localizado/located in the Norte-Este of Espana. 
Portugal is next to Espana.

Narrow Lanes 3(Andalusia) - Photo By Eva Schuster, Germany

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Red and White - The Cat Is Always Right

Green Eggs and Ham
Taylor-Anh, a girl I am
With my pencil I wish
One Fish...Two Fish
Many rhymes were made
Those stories don't fade
All by Dr. Suess
Who is neither a goose or a moose
March 2 was his birthday
No skies were gray
Made hats out of plates
Will all my school mates
It's true, It's true
Sally, Sam and little Sue
Like on Mulberry street
Everyone will meet
I am the cat
In the hat
Red and white
Isn't that right?

Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Suess and thank you for those wonderful stories.
Note: Mommy helped on me arrange things.

Visit Suessville

Sunday, March 2, 2014

FROZEN must win the OSCAR!

The gloves are off - I think that the movie FROZEN should win an OSCAR. I say so because it is a wonderful story about two sisters that have the adventure of their life.

ELSA with the power of ice and snow,  made a castle of ice and a staircase of snow and when she steps on the snow it turns to ice. Who wouldn't want that power.

ANNA on the other hand falls in love - twice - with two guys, one of them is Hans and the other is Christophe. In the end she follows her heart and warms her way to the right one. Letting the other go.

Both sisters have to give up something, and so the theme song becomes more meaningful.

Speaking of the song ''LET IT GO'',  people are probably singing the it right now. It is very catchy. After all we were singing in the theater - the entire audience and I think it is a popular movie because of the song.

I think, that if  ''FROZEN '' wins the Oscar, more people will be happy, especially ME!