Tiara Not Included!!

Introducing the new book by our favorite Princess Noraline Aubergine of Brooklynshire. She lives in the Land of New York and gives every princess in training 25 great tips for everyday living.

We developed this little-big book because I love being a princess, not just pretending, but being an everyday princess. We saw it as an opportunity to teach other young ladies like myself about etiquette and positive living. Our hope is for all girls around the world to use their time as a princess to make their kingdom a better place. Tiara not included. For little darlings age 4 to 8 and NO Brothers Allowed!!

The ebook is available for IPad's IBooks, also available as a pdf and large size print of course. 

Click here for ordering details: Tiara Not Included      Ebook

Merci, Danke, Gracias, Arigato and Thank you for stopping by,

Princess Noraline & Countess Josephine

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